​My Life’s Journey

When I dream my sky blue eyes gaze upwards into the sky. When I’m sad they look down at the ground; but, when I’m walking my roving eyes look up, down and all around in order to keep my feet from stumbling. It is only when I want to see where my feet are going that my eyes look straight ahead. Look back over my right shoulder whenever I want to remind myself of where my feet have been, how far my heart has come and how much further there is to go before my feet reach their destination at the end of twilight. 

I dream for the same reason that I read books and love to write poetry – if I didn’t my life would be utterly boring and not worth living. I do not ask that my job entertain me just to provide me with a roof over my head, clothes to wear, food to eat, a car to drive back and forth and a computer/tablet along with a notebook and pen to record my dreams – the poems, short stories, witty sayings and essays I love to write and share over the internet.