Gender Warfare

​It’s a war quite unlike any other

As too many 

Men and Women duke it out seek

To prey upon 

Each other the happiness they seek 

To grasp slips 

Through their fingers as they curl

All The tighter 

Into a fist of hate when they could 

Have solved

Their problems working together 

The Story Teller

​Upon the bench the old man 

Sits within the park 

Listening to the pigeons coo

From his brown paper

Bag his fingers take the bird

Seed he brings each

And every day to feed his fine

Feathered friends as 

They gather round about and 

Listen to his many 

Tales of tragic love of many 

Battles won and

Some lost thrilling stories of 

Yesteryear now

Gone abandoned by his friends

With each telling 

He relives the past awaits death

My Own Space

Within the cage of your expectations 

My heart is entrapped 

Longs to be free of your mind games

All my heart desires is a place 

To call it’s own 

Where it can roam unchained 

My needs are quite simple a 

Rented room will do

Anywhere I can call my own 

Where you cannot follow 

Seek to stifle 

My independent thinking

Long Ago

On a lazy summer

Afternoon we lay within 

Each other’s arms

Upon a hammock

Ever so slowly rocking 

Within the breeze

When no one else

Was looking we stole a kiss

From each other

As the sun fell over

The distant horizon the moon

Sailed high above us

With each other

We fell head over heels

In love long ago 

Woman’s True Beauty

The older a woman gets all she has left

Is the inner Beauty

Or ugliness she has chosen to cultivate

I would rather converse with a woman

Who looks are plain yet pleasant

Then suffer a pretty women’s contempt

Like a candle her smile lit up the room

When she walked in took my

breath away – my heart go pitter pat

A good woman is sweet as honey

A bad woman spoiled

And rotten tis best to be avoided