The little woman gave me some really good news – no she isn’t expecting – this morning when she woke up. 

Back in 2007 she survived a brain aneurysm that we had sorta kinda hoped was the source of her migraine headaches. But over the years since her surgery she has continued to suffer from migraines so severe that leave her incapacitated and unable to enjoy her life. 

A while back my mother had recommended as well as gave me a partial bottle of a natural supplement called Turmeric which is a natural anti-inflammatory to see if it would help ease the osteoarthritis in my fingers. Both my wife and I tried taking it but apparently we ran out before fully experiencing it’s benefits. 

BTW the brain itself doesn’t feel pain headaches, both mild and Migraines, are caused by the muscles around the brain becoming inflamed with inflammation.

About a month or so ago my wife asked me to pick up another bottle of Turmeric (which I bought from Walmart) put out by Nature’s Way 500 MG containing 95% of Curcuminoids – 475 MG.

This morning the little lady  (as John Wayne used to say) informed me her migraine headaches have gone bye bye after taking Turmeric for about a month. The really good news is she used to get a migraine every time the weather changed or it rained – over the last few days the area where we live has experienced some of the severest thunderstorms we have ever seen.

And guess what? Yep you guessed it she told me that hasn’t had a single migraine. 


I also found out that of the three main pain killers: Tylenol, Ibuprofen and Alieve that Alieve is the most likely to cause depression. I’d been taking a capsule of Naproxen Sodium – a generic form of Aleive – five days a week to mute the pain in my fingers while working; which possibly contributed to the severity of my bio chemical and reactive depression that caused me to seek help two weeks ago. 

So now it is good-bye to Naprosexn Sodium and a great big HELLO to Turmeric for me as well. 


Modern Day Witch Doctors

Take away the title and the letters from the name of the average mental health professional; and all you have left is a man or woman with an over inflated ego (god/goddess complex) and  a dishonest mind whose personal biases color the interpretation of what you tell them. 

Tired of Living In Fear*

I am so tired of being afraid, living in fear and having to second guess myself all of the time. Ever since —— (my wife of thirty-five years this coming Nov. 22) lost her job due to being laid off just before the Stock Market Crash in Oct. 2008 after surviving a brain aneurism. And her unemployment benefits ran out along with the decision to deny her application for disability by Social Security I’ve had to foot the bill for our two earner lifestyle all by myself. 

It hasn’t been easy being dependent on overtime that comes and goes (sometimes unexpectedly) nor do I care for how the overtime interferes with the rest of my life. Especially arriving at home in the evenings flat out exhausted and feeling too tired to write and/or watch a television program or reading a book without falling asleep on the couch or in bed where I like to read.  

I’m tired of being afraid of  

-losing my job

– losing my home

– doing or saying the wrong thing at work that could get me in trouble, wrote up or suspended

– working with a team leader who bullies to get his way and habitually uses threats to achieve compliance with his directives  

– of not having enough money in my checking account to pay the bills, buy food and/or anything I might need or even want

*This was written November 11, 2016

Living With Depression Part 1

Ever since the age of nine, when my mother divorced my father against his will and married my first stepfather, I have suffered from a bio chemical based depression. Though the type of depression I suffer from is a mental health issue I do not consider it a mental illness per se since my depression is bio chemical or organic in nature and can be managed quite successfully. For years I have taken a natural herbal supplement called St. John’s Wort which is used in Germany to treat depression. Recently increasing my daily dosage from one capsule in the morning along with a Super B Complex and my thyroid medication to taking another capsule of St. John’s wart in the evening before going to bed.  
Due to the on going problems (of many years duration) I’ve been having both at work and in my marriage I recently decided to get help by checking myself into a Behavioral Health Center. And even though I was admitted under a 1013 Involuntary Hold because I had declared that I was considering taking my life. I never felt that I was in the hospital on an Involuntary basis since I had walked in under my own power and of my own free will; seeking help to deal with the stress caused by my inability to resolve the issues I had both at work and at home along with the catastrophic failure of my coping mechanisms. 

Once there I was able to physically rest and reach out and connect with several of my fellow patients. Even though the Doctor who saw me misdiagnosed the type of depression I’m been suffering from (for forty-nine years and managing since my thirties) after speaking with me for ten minutes or so discharged me from the Behavioral Health Unit the afternoon of my second day. I learned a lot by attending and participating in the group therapy sessions, having some very intellectually stimulating discussions with several of my fellow patients who suffered from Postpartum Depression and alcoholism.  

More importantly I was able to rediscover or get in touch with the part of myself that I had lost sight of many years ago as a result of my intense focus on my problems. And I found that instead of the negative self image I’d bought into over the years my positive sense of self worth had been restored.