Come My Dearest Love

​Like a hapless moth to the 

Burning flame

Your eyes draw me all the

Closer until

My trembling body finds it

Self nestled

Within the harbor of your

Embrace shielded

From the chaos of our world

My own father’s

Cruel hatred who killed your

Dearest love

Come my darling take me to 

The heights of 

Pleasure let us share together

The life force

Taken from our not quite so 

Innocent prey

Replenish our life and powers

Artificial Vs: Au Natural 

When it comes to makeup and lipstick my own personal preference as a man is next to none since I really prefer the au natural look – the glow of inner beauty that lights up a dark room like a trillian watt candle whenever she smiles. 

On the other hand if she were to dab on some flavored lip gloss such as Peach, Chocolate and or Peppermint; then she’d have absolutely no problem keeping my lips interested in kissing her all night long – even if I have to get up early to go to work. 

Now if she were to dab some on all four points of her au natural compass I’d think that I’d died and gone to heaven. 🙂

What Drew Me

It was her smile that lit
Up my heart
Her curves that made me
Oh so horny
But it was the sweetness
Of her lovely
Disposition that drew me
Like a honey
Bee to a blooming flower
That won my
Heart made me fall head  
Over Heels in  
Love want to spend the  
Rest of my life
Within her arms tween  
The sheets
In the moons soft glow