What Is Truly Needed

The world would be a better place
if the ideology of feminism
had been stillborn the day of its birth
aborted like an unwanted baby

Yet in spite of all the damage
wrought by our maternal oppressors
the last thing needed today
is a men’s movement of vengeance

For what the world really needs
is a true human rights movement
that defends the rights of all
instead of one based upon gender

For everyone no matter who they be
has the right to choose their own path
their destiny for as long as their
choices doesn’t bring harm to another

While society has no right whatsoever
to enforce a standard of conformity
for its only interest lies in preventing its
members from abusing each other

Women Vs. Men = Despair

​For every right gained by women

A man loses his small wonder

Men are walking away in droves

For nearly six decades women have pursued

Happiness – self fulfillment 

And yet the average woman still isn’t happy

Self absorbed burned out and stressed

Tis modern day women 

Welcome to the real world men inhabit

They set out to change the world

Demand their rights

Destroyed their families instead

My Secret Hiding Place

Once upon a time 

When my heart was very 

Young up into the 

Sky my eyes would 

Gaze upon the clouds floating 

So very high above

With my dreams out 

Of reach my mind roamed hither

And yon quite freely

To a place where those

Who sought to hurt me could never 

Go no matter how hard

They tried to find me

The land of forbidden daydreams

Bid me to come alone

Pair Bonding

Like a pair of hummingbirds
Our wings flap together in Delight
As we buzz round each other

Until our hearts become
Entwined quite impossible to
Distinguish each other

Where I leave off
You my dearest love begins
As we pair for life

Our sentences both of
Us can finish for each other
As we merge together

Your sadness makes me
Unhappy my happiness makes you
Happy as we bond together

The Deepest Night

Through the deepest night 

My starship

Flew across the empty void

Out upon the

Twinkling stars a lifetime 

Away my eyes

Wistfully gazed with both

Of my hands 

Behind my head my thoughts 

Oh so far away

Daydreaming of the one my 

Heart Had left 

Behind though not forgotten

Who makes my 

Life worth living going home 

Stepping off The Merry-go-round Is Only The Beginning

When I was sixteen I went to live

With my grandparents

Willingly stepped off my parents 


Yet my world didn’t stop spinning

The Consequences 

Of my parents choices continued 

To annoy me still

Even today many years later my 

Heart still isn’t free

Of the pain inflicted so long ago