Long Ago

On a lazy summer

Afternoon we lay within 

Each other’s arms

Upon a hammock

Ever so slowly rocking 

Within the breeze

When no one else

Was looking we stole a kiss

From each other

As the sun fell over

The distant horizon the moon

Sailed high above us

With each other

We fell head over heels

In love long ago 

Come My Dearest Love

​Like a hapless moth to the 

Burning flame

Your eyes draw me all the

Closer until

My trembling body finds it

Self nestled

Within the harbor of your

Embrace shielded

From the chaos of our world

My own father’s

Cruel hatred who killed your

Dearest love

Come my darling take me to 

The heights of 

Pleasure let us share together

The life force

Taken from our not quite so 

Innocent prey

Replenish our life and powers

Pair Bonding

Like a pair of hummingbirds
Our wings flap together in Delight
As we buzz round each other

Until our hearts become
Entwined quite impossible to
Distinguish each other

Where I leave off
You my dearest love begins
As we pair for life

Our sentences both of
Us can finish for each other
As we merge together

Your sadness makes me
Unhappy my happiness makes you
Happy as we bond together

Brothers and Sisters

One’s Color is only skin deep

One’s Character is so much deeper

Differences are interesting 

All things considered 

Man and woman were created

To be complementary

Bologically speaking 1 + 1 = 3

Or more when man and woman merge

Come together as man and wife 

Man draws his life from woman

Woman also draws her life from man

Gives it back pressed and shaken

For all men are brothers 

And all women are sisters for 

All are made of one blood 

Until She Smiled

My heart was like a ball of ice 

Frozen solid that is until she smiled 

Set my heart ablaze with love

Like a candle in a window 

Her love for me burned brightly

Guided me to her hearth

Safely through the rocks and

Shoals she led me into her embrace

The calm harbor of her love

Within the darkness

The Stars of her eyes lit up

My path ever upwards

Yet it was the tingling 

Sound of her voice so melodious

That comforted my ears