Gender Warfare

​It’s a war quite unlike any other

As too many 

Men and Women duke it out seek

To prey upon 

Each other the happiness they seek 

To grasp slips 

Through their fingers as they curl

All The tighter 

Into a fist of hate when they could 

Have solved

Their problems working together 

Women Vs. Men = Despair

​For every right gained by women

A man loses his small wonder

Men are walking away in droves

For nearly six decades women have pursued

Happiness – self fulfillment 

And yet the average woman still isn’t happy

Self absorbed burned out and stressed

Tis modern day women 

Welcome to the real world men inhabit

They set out to change the world

Demand their rights

Destroyed their families instead

My Own Space

Within the cage of your expectations 

My heart is entrapped 

Longs to be free of your mind games

All my heart desires is a place 

To call it’s own 

Where it can roam unchained 

My needs are quite simple a 

Rented room will do

Anywhere I can call my own 

Where you cannot follow 

Seek to stifle 

My independent thinking

First Impressions

​What part of dressing for success do

feminists not understand

The clothes we wear sends a message

Clear as a crystal bell

All things considered If a man dresses

Like a bum he will be

Looked down on – treated like a bum

By the same token

A woman who displays her curves for

All to see should

Not be surprised if she is regarded as

A sex object perhaps

Treated like a whore by those who do

Not know her well

In our society we are treated by how

Others perceive us

Judged according to our appearance

All too often women

Get a free pass – the low status male

Held to a much higher

Standard – despised treated harsher

Once Again History Is Simply Repeating Itself 

Radical Feminists seek to drown out the voices of men and women telling the truth regarding gender issues for the same reasons white supremists sought to drown out the voices of those speaking out in regards to racial issues during the Civil rights movement. 

Feminists fear men just as white supremists fear blacks and other minority groups…

The denigration of the Jews in pre Nazi Germany that eventually led to the murder of 6 million Jews under Hitler. ..

The denigration of  Blacks and African- Americans that led to Slavery and the imposition of Jim Crow laws in the South after the Civil War…

And the denigration of Men by the feminists in our so called enlightened modern day society… 

All have this in common:

1) Fear of the other 

2) Cultivated Superiority and Bigotry complexes


3) Pseudo science masquerading as truth 

Fair Warning

I’m not 

The hero nor the villain 


Battle nor dragon do I

Seek or 

Fear the role of a knight 

In shinning 

Armor my heart doesn’t 

Wish to play

To rescue the princess is 

Not my desire 

Should the battle or the

Fire breathing 

Dragon come looking to

Take my head

The battle will be won no

Matter the cost

On the ground the Dragon 

Will soon find 

His head rolling all about 

Like a ball