Out of Sync

Born much to soon

Out of place – out of time

Born much to late 

The Importance of Smiling

There has been a lot of complaining over the past several years within the media in regards to the increasing lack of civility among the individual members of our society. And indeed it seems that far too many businesses no longer train their employees in how to correctly serve their customers. Leading to a steadily increasing amount of employees who have forgotten that it is the CUSTOMER who ultimately PAYS their SALARY.

What part of no customer + no sales = no jobs do these people not understand.

Thanks to radical feminism increasing numbers of today’s women (both old and young) have developed an arrogance (that rivals any I’ve seen in males). Along with  a negative attitude towards men that makes dealing with them not only a trying ordeal but a very bad experience to be avoided as much as possible.

This afternoon I arrived at my medical doctor’s office to drop off some paperwork; my employer requires to be filled out by my doctor before allowing me to return to work. And before I could hand over the envelope containing the paperwork to the receptionist after I’d explained to her what I needed. Another female who looked to be in her mid twenties rudely interrupted by taking the envelope and proceeded to pull out one of the forms part way and read it. She then told me that I would need to fill out a form which she then handed to me and that there would be twenty-five dollar fee.

During the entire time I interacted with her including when she rudely interrupted my interaction with the receptionist and I returned the form to her. Not once did she ever smile or act friendly while she was as cold and impersonal as an ice cube, direct and flat out demanding. Leaving me with the perception that as far as she was concerned I was just another bug on the rug that needed to be put in its place by being stomped on.

Not a very good first impression (this was the first time and I hope the last time I ever have to interact with her) for those working in the front office to leave with a patient. Especially when those employed by that office are dependant on receiving prompt payment from my employer provided insurance as well as my co-pay. One would think that not only did I deserve to be treated with a modicum of respect but thanked as well for allowing them to serve my needs.   

Unfortunately that is highly unlikely to ever happen at least not in my lifetime. Instead of leaving my doctor’s office with a smile on my face looking forward to returning on my next appointment. This employee’s demeaning conduct and lack of courtesy towards me  left me not only feeling angry but wondering if I should consider changing doctors as well.

My Own Space

Within the cage of your expectations 

My heart is entrapped 

Longs to be free of your mind games

All my heart desires is a place 

To call it’s own 

Where it can roam unchained 

My needs are quite simple a 

Rented room will do

Anywhere I can call my own 

Where you cannot follow 

Seek to stifle 

My independent thinking


The little woman gave me some really good news – no she isn’t expecting – this morning when she woke up. 

Back in 2007 she survived a brain aneurysm that we had sorta kinda hoped was the source of her migraine headaches. But over the years since her surgery she has continued to suffer from migraines so severe that leave her incapacitated and unable to enjoy her life. 

A while back my mother had recommended as well as gave me a partial bottle of a natural supplement called Turmeric which is a natural anti-inflammatory to see if it would help ease the osteoarthritis in my fingers. Both my wife and I tried taking it but apparently we ran out before fully experiencing it’s benefits. 

BTW the brain itself doesn’t feel pain headaches, both mild and Migraines, are caused by the muscles around the brain becoming inflamed with inflammation.

About a month or so ago my wife asked me to pick up another bottle of Turmeric (which I bought from Walmart) put out by Nature’s Way 500 MG containing 95% of Curcuminoids – 475 MG.

This morning the little lady  (as John Wayne used to say) informed me her migraine headaches have gone bye bye after taking Turmeric for about a month. The really good news is she used to get a migraine every time the weather changed or it rained – over the last few days the area where we live has experienced some of the severest thunderstorms we have ever seen.

And guess what? Yep you guessed it she told me that hasn’t had a single migraine. 


I also found out that of the three main pain killers: Tylenol, Ibuprofen and Alieve that Alieve is the most likely to cause depression. I’d been taking a capsule of Naproxen Sodium – a generic form of Aleive – five days a week to mute the pain in my fingers while working; which possibly contributed to the severity of my bio chemical and reactive depression that caused me to seek help two weeks ago. 

So now it is good-bye to Naprosexn Sodium and a great big HELLO to Turmeric for me as well. 


Look Out!

Bumper Sticker:

Look out for the idiot behind me.

Seen on a Ford Explorer I was stopped behind this morning at a traffic light.

What I was thinking:

On the other hand perhaps he should look out for the idiot in front of me.

Modern Day Witch Doctors

Take away the title and the letters from the name of the average mental health professional; and all you have left is a man or woman with an over inflated ego (god/goddess complex) and  a dishonest mind whose personal biases color the interpretation of what you tell them.