What Is Truly Needed

The world would be a better place
if the ideology of feminism
had been stillborn the day of its birth
aborted like an unwanted baby

Yet in spite of all the damage
wrought by our maternal oppressors
the last thing needed today
is a men’s movement of vengeance

For what the world really needs
is a true human rights movement
that defends the rights of all
instead of one based upon gender

For everyone no matter who they be
has the right to choose their own path
their destiny for as long as their
choices doesn’t bring harm to another

While society has no right whatsoever
to enforce a standard of conformity
for its only interest lies in preventing its
members from abusing each other

Artificial Vs: Au Natural 

When it comes to makeup and lipstick my own personal preference as a man is next to none since I really prefer the au natural look – the glow of inner beauty that lights up a dark room like a trillian watt candle whenever she smiles. 

On the other hand if she were to dab on some flavored lip gloss such as Peach, Chocolate and or Peppermint; then she’d have absolutely no problem keeping my lips interested in kissing her all night long – even if I have to get up early to go to work. 

Now if she were to dab some on all four points of her au natural compass I’d think that I’d died and gone to heaven. 🙂