Come My Dearest Love

​Like a hapless moth to the 

Burning flame

Your eyes draw me all the

Closer until

My trembling body finds it

Self nestled

Within the harbor of your

Embrace shielded

From the chaos of our world

My own father’s

Cruel hatred who killed your

Dearest love

Come my darling take me to 

The heights of 

Pleasure let us share together

The life force

Taken from our not quite so 

Innocent prey

Replenish our life and powers

Riding Upon the Clouds

Through the clouds we soared

Together hand in hand all the higher

Lightning flashing all around

The chaos of the world 

So very far below the horizon

All but forgotten as we

Danced amongst the stars

Like eternal lightening bugs we flew

Our love flashing brighter

Till at last with the

Rising of the morning sun back

To our beds we flew

To await the fall of night

When within each others embrace

Once again we took flight