Gender Warfare

​It’s a war quite unlike any other

As too many 

Men and Women duke it out seek

To prey upon 

Each other the happiness they seek 

To grasp slips 

Through their fingers as they curl

All The tighter 

Into a fist of hate when they could 

Have solved

Their problems working together 

What Is Truly Needed

The world would be a better place
if the ideology of feminism
had been stillborn the day of its birth
aborted like an unwanted baby

Yet in spite of all the damage
wrought by our maternal oppressors
the last thing needed today
is a men’s movement of vengeance

For what the world really needs
is a true human rights movement
that defends the rights of all
instead of one based upon gender

For everyone no matter who they be
has the right to choose their own path
their destiny for as long as their
choices doesn’t bring harm to another

While society has no right whatsoever
to enforce a standard of conformity
for its only interest lies in preventing its
members from abusing each other

Women Vs. Men = Despair

​For every right gained by women

A man loses his small wonder

Men are walking away in droves

For nearly six decades women have pursued

Happiness – self fulfillment 

And yet the average woman still isn’t happy

Self absorbed burned out and stressed

Tis modern day women 

Welcome to the real world men inhabit

They set out to change the world

Demand their rights

Destroyed their families instead

The Importance of Smiling

There has been a lot of complaining over the past several years within the media in regards to the increasing lack of civility among the individual members of our society. And indeed it seems that far too many businesses no longer train their employees in how to correctly serve their customers. Leading to a steadily increasing amount of employees who have forgotten that it is the CUSTOMER who ultimately PAYS their SALARY.

What part of no customer + no sales = no jobs do these people not understand.

Thanks to radical feminism increasing numbers of today’s women (both old and young) have developed an arrogance (that rivals any I’ve seen in males). Along with  a negative attitude towards men that makes dealing with them not only a trying ordeal but a very bad experience to be avoided as much as possible.

This afternoon I arrived at my medical doctor’s office to drop off some paperwork; my employer requires to be filled out by my doctor before allowing me to return to work. And before I could hand over the envelope containing the paperwork to the receptionist after I’d explained to her what I needed. Another female who looked to be in her mid twenties rudely interrupted by taking the envelope and proceeded to pull out one of the forms part way and read it. She then told me that I would need to fill out a form which she then handed to me and that there would be twenty-five dollar fee.

During the entire time I interacted with her including when she rudely interrupted my interaction with the receptionist and I returned the form to her. Not once did she ever smile or act friendly while she was as cold and impersonal as an ice cube, direct and flat out demanding. Leaving me with the perception that as far as she was concerned I was just another bug on the rug that needed to be put in its place by being stomped on.

Not a very good first impression (this was the first time and I hope the last time I ever have to interact with her) for those working in the front office to leave with a patient. Especially when those employed by that office are dependant on receiving prompt payment from my employer provided insurance as well as my co-pay. One would think that not only did I deserve to be treated with a modicum of respect but thanked as well for allowing them to serve my needs.   

Unfortunately that is highly unlikely to ever happen at least not in my lifetime. Instead of leaving my doctor’s office with a smile on my face looking forward to returning on my next appointment. This employee’s demeaning conduct and lack of courtesy towards me  left me not only feeling angry but wondering if I should consider changing doctors as well.

Long Ago

On a lazy summer

Afternoon we lay within 

Each other’s arms

Upon a hammock

Ever so slowly rocking 

Within the breeze

When no one else

Was looking we stole a kiss

From each other

As the sun fell over

The distant horizon the moon

Sailed high above us

With each other

We fell head over heels

In love long ago 

Woman’s True Beauty

The older a woman gets all she has left

Is the inner Beauty

Or ugliness she has chosen to cultivate

I would rather converse with a woman

Who looks are plain yet pleasant

Then suffer a pretty women’s contempt

Like a candle her smile lit up the room

When she walked in took my

breath away – my heart go pitter pat

A good woman is sweet as honey

A bad woman spoiled

And rotten tis best to be avoided

Pair Bonding

Like a pair of hummingbirds
Our wings flap together in Delight
As we buzz round each other

Until our hearts become
Entwined quite impossible to
Distinguish each other

Where I leave off
You my dearest love begins
As we pair for life

Our sentences both of
Us can finish for each other
As we merge together

Your sadness makes me
Unhappy my happiness makes you
Happy as we bond together

Brothers and Sisters

One’s Color is only skin deep

One’s Character is so much deeper

Differences are interesting 

All things considered 

Man and woman were created

To be complementary

Bologically speaking 1 + 1 = 3

Or more when man and woman merge

Come together as man and wife 

Man draws his life from woman

Woman also draws her life from man

Gives it back pressed and shaken

For all men are brothers 

And all women are sisters for 

All are made of one blood